Securing Singapore’s Water Future: TechNode Global Feature

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Singapore faces many challenges to its water security and is known for carrying out one of the most ambitious efforts globally to improve water supply. Due to limited land area and natural resources, the country has minimal storage facilities and relies on regular rainfall to sustain its freshwater supply. In the past, Singapore’s Linggiu reservoir has suffered from severe droughts, with the most recent dry spell in 2016 shrinking its water levels to 20 percent capacity.

Changing climatic conditions and rising temperatures are adding further pressure. The government has always been vocal about how Singapore is vulnerable to flash floods as well as longer dry spells. This means that we must look for effective water management strategies and alternatives, rather than relying on rainfall.

Water security in the broader APAC region is similarly sensitive to environmental changes. Combined with the increasing rate of urbanization, water demand is expected to rise by approximately 55 percent by 2030. This estimated increase would result in a 40 percent discrepancy between the supply and demand of water resources in the region.

Prominent figures such as Bruno Carrasco, Director General of the Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department at the Asian Development Bank, have emphasized the urgency of water management in combating water scarcity. Given that contamination often stems from improper treatment, enhancing water processing methods is crucial to improving regional water quality.

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