How Hydroleap is Helping AWS with Water Sustainability

Senior Parliamentary Secretary at Ministry of Transport, Yam Keng Baey handing the award to Gunalan Kaniasan, Water Infrastructure Manager APAC at Amazon.

Hydroleap collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance water sustainability in Singapore. AWS’s data centers in Singapore are designed for industry-leading water efficiency, using less than one cup of water globally to cool one kilowatt-hour of IT load. To further improve water efficiency, AWS uses real-time water-use data, explores new treatment technologies, and leverages rainwater harvesting.

Hydroleap’s electrooxidation technology was customized to improve the efficiency of AWS cooling towers, helping AWS further meet its water efficiency goals. This collaboration, ongoing for nearly two years, has refined Hydroleap’s technology, paving the way for broader implementation across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

This partnership has not gone unnoticed, as AWS was recently awarded the Singapore Watermark Award and the Water Efficiency Award in the data center category by the PUB, Singapore’s national water agency. These awards recognize AWS’s commitment to water management, efficient water use, and innovation in water conservation initiatives.

For more details, you can read the full article here and the featured video here.

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