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HL-EC Reactor

Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions Via Electrocoagulation

Meet the EC Reactor I

The HL-EC reactor revolves around the electrocoagulation process, which is well-known for its efficacy in removing impurities from a wide range of industrial effluents - These include the infamous heavy metals, suspended particles, organic compounds and dyes. In this process, an electrical potential is applied to submerged electrodes such as Aluminium or Iron, to generate metal cations that act as coagulants. In turn, they undergo side reactions with the contaminants to form flocculants. Aggregates can then be subsequently removed by physical processes easily, depending on whether they float to the surface of the water, or settle at the bottom.

Product Specifications

Module Capacity

1 - 20 m³/hr

Power Consumption

0.5 - 3 kWh/m³



Mode of Operation

Fully Automated & Modularized

The simple nature of the process also proves advantageous as it utilizes easily operated equipment that entails a shortened retention time compared to orthodox processes. It also operates at much lower energy, which makes the EC process an eco-friendly solution. Furthermore, the reactor requires minimal maintenance and can be easily scaled to meet the specific needs of any industry. Overall, the electrocoagulation reactor is a reliable and sustainable option for treating wastewater.


Significantly decrease oil and grease (O&G) levels by nearly 95%.


Experience an impressive removal rate of up to 90% for total suspended solids (TSS).


Achieve a reduction between 60-80% in COD and BOD levels.

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