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Zero chemicals


Innovative Tech: Electrooxidation (HL-EO)

A prominent process that uses electricity to break down both organics and inorganics in water via the production of reactive oxygen species.


Innovative Tech: Electrocoagulation (HL-EC)

An electrochemical process that uses electricity to remove suspended solids, metals, and oils from water. Contaminants clump together to form larger particles, which are then filtered.


How Hydroleap is Helping AWS with Water Sustainability

Hydroleap collaborated with Amazon Web Services to enhance water sustainability in Singapore. To further improve water efficiency, AWS explored new treatment technologies and leveraged rainwater harvesting.

High Performance & Chemical-free Solutions Powered by IoT

Who is Hydroleap?

Hydroleap is reimagining the way the world is looking at water and wastewater. We provide innovative, chemical-free, high-performance, and modularized electrochemical technologies to replace conventional chemical and energy-intensive processes.

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Get to know our Investors!

Hydroleap recently raised US$4.4M in its Series A funding led by Real Tech Holdings. Other participants in the funding round include Mitsubishi Electric, Seeds Capital, Wavemaker Partners, New Keynes Investments and the State Government of Victoria in Australia.

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