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The Edge Malaysia: Data Centres and Sustainability

The article discusses the evolving landscape of data centres in Malaysia amidst digital advancements and the pressing need for sustainability. Kelvin Fong, the Managing Director of Asia-Pacific at EdgeConneX, highlights key areas for transformation, including increased connectivity, infrastructure development, and the rise of smaller edge computing facilities. With EdgeConneX entering Malaysia, the data centre sector

CGTN Europe: Reducing Wastewater Pollution with Hydroleap

In the face of increasing challenges to water security, Singapore has emerged as a global leader in the quest to improve water supply sustainability. With limited land area and natural resources, the city-state relies heavily on rainfall to maintain its freshwater reservoirs. As Singapore’s economy continues to grow and climate change impacts intensify, the pressure

Hydroleap Partners IXT To Boost Sustainable Water Management

  Singapore, Nov 28 — In a progressive move towards sustainable water management and reduced environmental impact from data centres, the next-generation water technology company Hydroleap has announced a strategic partnership with IX Technology (IXT), a leading Singapore-based provider of data centre mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure solutions. This collaboration is aimed at transforming water

The Business Times – Deep Tech in Singapore

  In a world gripped by a climate of extreme temperatures, the shadow of a global pandemic, and the looming threat of inadequate food supply, it’s undeniable that these global-scale challenges have hit home in recent years. We can’t help but anticipate the emergence of more such threats in the future. Fortunately, the pace of

Splash of Excellence: Hydroleap Shines at GPID Awards

In the world of groundbreaking desalination solutions, Hydroleap has proven itself as a prominent contender in the race for innovation and excellence. At this year’s Global Prize for Innovation in Desalination (GPID) awards held in the month of October 2023, Hydroleap came remarkably close to clinching the coveted prize, proudly walking away with the finalist

Revolutionizing Water Sustainability with BiztechAsia

  In an exclusive interview, Hydroleap’s CEO, Mohammad Sherafatmand (Moh), sheds light on the cutting-edge technology and unique vision that’s reshaping sustainability in water sector in particular for wastewater treatment and cooling tower water recycling. “Hydroleap has achieved significant technological milestones, particularly in terms of reducing power consumption and maintaining competitiveness,” stated Moh when asked about the

Rethinking Wastewater Treatment in Indonesia

About Jakarta Post The Jakarta Post is an Indonesian English-language daily newspaper. It was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Jakarta. The newspaper is owned by PT Bina Media Tenggara, which is a subsidiary of the Salim Group. The Jakarta Post is the largest English-language newspaper in Indonesia and has a circulation of over

Water Wastewater Asia Backdrop

Water & Wastewater Asia: Sustainability & Security

About Water & Wastewater Asia Water & Wastewater Asia is a premier publication in Asia that covers the water and wastewater sector. It is a crucial resource for industry experts, providing trustworthy journalism and privileged insider knowledge. The magazine is published six times a year and is read by influential and powerful people, primarily management-level

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