Water & Wastewater Asia – Decarbonizing the Wastewater Industry

Figure 1: Cover of WWA’s monthly magazine series for the month of March / April 2024.


About Water & Wastewater Asia

Water & Wastewater Asia is a premier publication in Asia that covers the water and wastewater sector. It is a crucial resource for industry experts, providing trustworthy journalism and privileged insider knowledge. The magazine is published six times a year and is read by influential and powerful people, primarily management-level executives and thought leaders in the business. Water & Wastewater Asia also acts as the Singapore Water Association’s (SWA) official newsletter.

About the Feature

In the March / April 2024 issue, Hydroleap continues to share about how water is integral to our daily lives and businesses. As such, it is only natural that decarbonization for this essential resource is crucial. While the world tackles water challenges and explores new solutions, an often overlooked area is the decarbonization of the wastewater industry. Examining current treatment methods reveals the need to transition from traditional, energy- and chemical-intensive practices to sustainable technology solutions, aligning with the increasing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.

To find out more about how Hydroleap takes out the challenge of decarbonizing the wastewater industry, read more on the official magazine issue here.

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