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HL-EO Reactor

Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions via Electrooxidation

Meet the EO Reactor I

The HL-EO adopts an emerging Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) technique (Electrooxidation) that focuses on mineralizing organic contaminants, eliminating or deactivating microorganisms, and mitigating the production of scaling in water systems. To do so, the HL-EO reactor utilizes direct current to generate highly reactive oxidative species such as Hydroxyl radicals (HO•), Free Chlorine (Cl₂(g), HOCl (aq), OCl⁻ (aq)) and Sulphate (SO₄•⁻) radicals that help break down recalcitrant species.

Product Specifications

Module Capacity

1 - 10 m³/hr

Power Consumption

0.3 - 0.5 kWh/m³



Mode of Operation

Fully Automated & Modularized

This advanced technology is also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need for harsh chemicals and produces no harmful byproducts. Additionally, the electrooxidation process is highly efficient, requiring less energy and space than other treatment methods. With its high removal efficiency, low operating costs, and minimal environmental impact, the HL-EO is the ideal solution for companies and municipalities seeking a reliable and sustainable method for treating wastewater.


Remove up to 99% of colour, pathogens and microorganisms.


Achieve a COD removal rate ranging from 70% to 90%.


Attain up to 40% reduction in Total Hardness.

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