Hydroleap & Biocare Revolutionze Wastewater Treatments In the Philippines

L-R: Alexander Horacio V. Crisostomo, president of Biocare Health Resources, Inc., Jennifer S. Crisostomo, vice-president for operations of Biocare Health Resources, Inc., Dr. Mohammad (Moh) Sherafatmand, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hydroleap, Carla T. Yco, product manager for Biocare Health Resources, Inc. and project manager for ENVISOL

Manila, April 4, 2024 – Hydroleap, a next-generation water technology company from Singapore has announced its strategic partnership with Biocare Health Resources Inc., one of the leading IVD (in vitro diagnostics) distributors in the Philippines. Hydroleap will power CYCLEAN, a flagship product of Biocare’s new environmental division ENVISOL (Biocare Environmental Solutions), which is a revolutionary and breakthrough, chemical-free wastewater treatment innovation that effectively meets regulatory effluent standards, minimizes environmental impact, and advances sustainable water management across various industries in the Philippines. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Hydroleap’s journey as it expands its capabilities in the Philippines and deploys advanced electrochemical solutions for sustainable and efficient wastewater treatments across the country. 

In collaboration with Biocare, Hydroleap will bring these technologies to the grassroot levels impacting local communities. Utilizing electrical energy to remove contaminants from water and wastewater, while this innovative approach will enhance cleaning efficiency, it also aligns with environmental regulations in accordance with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Administrative Order of 2016-08. It showcases a proactive approach to environmental stewardship, demonstrating how partnerships between technology companies and industry leaders can lead to positive outcomes for communities and the environment.

Biocare will further extend the market for Hydroleap to healthcare establishments (government hospitals, barangay clinics, and mobile hospitals), food and beverage establishments (from small cafes to MNCs), retail centers, and hospitality companies. 

Backed by a glowing list of investors including Real Tech Holdings, Mitsubishi Electric, Wavemaker Partners, 500 Global, Singapore government (Seeds Capital), and the State Government of Victoria, Australia, Hydroleap wants to usher in a new era with the use of low energy consuming deep technologies for water and wastewater treatments in the industrial sector of the Philippines. Conventional methods of wastewater treatments involve the use of inefficient and labor-intensive legacy practices involving the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. 

Unfortunately, often industrial and refuse end up in the tributaries and major waterways causing adverse environmental and social effects. Last year the President emphasized how the Philippines is facing a water crisis with some 11 million families lacking access to clean water. Industrial operations, including pharmaceutical and medical facilities and commercial buildings, consume large amounts of freshwater and generate massively polluted wastewater, in the process, increasing the strain on already limited water resources. Effective wastewater treatment and management for water-intensive industries is thus, one of the key aspects of tackling the issue.  

Dr. Mohammad (Moh) Sherafatmand, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hydroleap, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with Biocare to bring our advanced patented electrooxidation (HL-EO) and electrocoagulation (HL-EC) technologies to the Philippines. Our intent is to leverage globally leading industry best practices in water and wastewater treatments to help alleviate the water stress in the country. Coupled with Biocare’s commitment to sustainability and providing local insights, we hope to set new benchmarks in water conservation efforts in the Philippines. We have been working with Biocare as a valued customer in the past one year and taking the relationship to this strategic partnership was an excellent move at the right timing.”

Alexander Horacio V. Crisostomo, President of Biocare Health Resources, Inc., also shared their optimism about the collaboration, saying, “At Biocare, we recognize the importance of responsible environmental stewardship. By integrating Hydroleap’s cutting-edge technologies into our operations, we are taking proactive steps towards minimizing our water footprint and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.”

In 2022, the World Risk Index ranked the Philippines as the country with the highest disaster risk. The country is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change further highlighting the urgency of adopting environmentally friendly technologies such as those offered by Hydroleap. 

Through solutions that are automated, robust, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, Hydroleap is reimagining the way wastewater is treated across multiple industries including manufacturing, data centers, food and beverage, desalination, and palm oil. Driven by a team of R&D experts and experienced engineers behind the scenes, Hydroleap’s unique electrochemical techniques can reduce up to 95% pollutants present in industrial wastewater and lessen the water discharges by 80% in the cooling towers.

About Biocare

Founded in 1983, Biocare Health Resources, Inc. is one of the leading IVD (in vitro diagnostics) distributors in the Philippines with visibility in all 149 cities nationwide. From its humble beginnings, the company has partnered with notable suppliers from the US, Europe, and Asia, which merited it as the Top 3 among 20 diagnostic companies locally. In 2004, it became the first ISO-certified diagnostic distributor in the Philippines. With existing product lines in clinical chemistry, hematology, urine diagnostics, coagulation, molecular diagnostics, diabetes care, and transfusion diagnostics, it continuously establishes reputable partnerships across the globe and explores opportunities for expanding its product portfolio. As a healthcare industry veteran, Biocare is committed to upholding a quality policy to offer reliable products and excellent customer services for the benefit of the company, employees, clients, and the public.

To know more, visit https://www.biocare.ph/

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