Hydroleap Awarded Business as a Force for Good

About the Award

Hydroleap was presented the BAFG 2023 (SME) award for its innovative water treatment technology. The selection committee was impressed with Hydroleap’s ability to solve an important problem with significant societal impact. Hydroleap’s technology is unique and difficult to replicate, giving it a strong advantage in the market. The company has also demonstrated commercial success, and the market opportunity for its product is significant.

Hydroleap was awarded for its exemplary thought leadership in the concept of “Business as a Force for Good (BAFG).” The company has a comprehensive vision, mission statement, and strategy that reflects its commitment to BAFG. Hydroleap has also developed and implemented best practices in corporate social responsibility, setting a standard for others to follow.

Hydroleap’s dedication to BAFG initiatives has yielded remarkable economic results while making a meaningful societal impact. The company’s efforts span various areas, including ESG, CSR, D&I, SDG, and sustainability. Through this multifaceted approach, Hydroleap has consistently achieved positive outcomes, establishing itself as a commendable exemplar in the realm of responsible business practices.


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