The Edge Malaysia: Data Centres and Sustainability

The article discusses the evolving landscape of data centres in Malaysia amidst digital advancements and the pressing need for sustainability. Kelvin Fong, the Managing Director of Asia-Pacific at EdgeConneX, highlights key areas for transformation, including increased connectivity, infrastructure development, and the rise of smaller edge computing facilities. With EdgeConneX entering Malaysia, the data centre sector is expected to grow rapidly, facing challenges such as compliance with regulations, talent shortages, and escalating data storage needs. Fong emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability, suggesting the adoption of renewable energy sources and upgrading existing facilities with eco-friendly technologies. The article also mentions innovative solutions, like Hydroleap’s electro-oxidation technology, addressing water usage concerns in data centres.

Fong predicts a surge in high-performance computing, driven by AI integration, sustainability initiatives, and the synergy between cloud computing and 5G connectivity. The ultimate goal is to shape an era of efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced data centres, fostering developments in areas like the metaverse and immersive learning experiences.

Read the full article here from TheEdgeMalaysia.

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