The Business Times – Deep Tech in Singapore


In a world gripped by a climate of extreme temperatures, the shadow of a global pandemic, and the looming threat of inadequate food supply, it’s undeniable that these global-scale challenges have hit home in recent years. We can’t help but anticipate the emergence of more such threats in the future.

Fortunately, the pace of technology development is on our side, continually accelerating and unveiling advanced solutions to confront these new challenges head-on. The growth and transformative power of deep tech are becoming increasingly evident, with biotechnologies that enable vaccine development at an unprecedented pace, innovative agritech methods that enhance bio-fertility and boost crop yields, and green innovations that aid corporations in tracking and reducing their carbon emissions. This is a time of great potential for change, where our resilience and the ingenuity of science and technology offer hope for a more sustainable and resilient future.

For the time to come, Hydroleap was featured as one of the success stories in the Singaporean deep tech ecosystem in an opinion piece that appeared in Business Times. Read more about the rise of deep tech startups in the island nation on their official page.

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