Water & Wastewater Asia: Sustainability & Security

Figure 1: Cover of WWA’s monthly magazine series for the month of September 2023.

About Water & Wastewater Asia

Water & Wastewater Asia is a premier publication in Asia that covers the water and wastewater sector. It is a crucial resource for industry experts, providing trustworthy journalism and privileged insider knowledge. The magazine is published six times a year and is read by influential and powerful people, primarily management-level executives and thought leaders in the business. Water & Wastewater Asia also acts as the Singapore Water Association’s (SWA) official newsletter.

About the Feature

In the September / October 2023 issue, Chief Operating Officer Allan Toh opened up about his extensive experience in the water industry and shed light on what sets Hydroleap apart from its competitors. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years in the field, Allan emphasized how Hydroleap’s innovative approach to water treatment and purification distinguishes it in the industry.

He also divulged some of his ambitious plans for the company’s global expansion, outlining his day-to-day responsibilities in steering the ship towards success on a global scale. Additionally, Allan provided insightful commentary on the current and future landscape of the water industry, hinting at the pivotal role Hydroleap aims to play in addressing the evolving challenges and demands in this crucial sector. His vision and expertise make it clear that Hydroleap is poised to make significant contributions to the sustainable management of one of our planet’s most precious resources: water.

See the official magazine issue here!

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