Revolutionizing Water Sustainability with BiztechAsia


In an exclusive interview, Hydroleap’s CEO, Mohammad Sherafatmand (Moh), sheds light on the cutting-edge technology and unique vision that’s reshaping sustainability in water sector in particular for wastewater treatment and cooling tower water recycling.

“Hydroleap has achieved significant technological milestones, particularly in terms of reducing power consumption and maintaining competitiveness,” stated Moh when asked about the company’s technological milestones in wastewater treatment.

“This reduction not only underscores our commitment to sustainability but also positions our technology as highly competitive, making it a viable solution not only in developed cities but also in developing countries.”

From proprietary electrical treatment to modular solutions, Hydroleap is revolutionising industries and fostering collaboration for a greener future.

Watch the full interview on Biztech.asia

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