Construction Industry

The Industry

Across the globe, there is a big push to develop a more sustainable built environment. In Singapore, the BCA Green Mark, along with the Green and Gracious Builder Scheme, constitutes a holistic framework that seeks to guide – and recognize – developers, architects, engineers, and builders, who incorporate sustainability into their operations. On top of this, perennial issues of rising project costs and labour crunch present a huge challenge for the sector.

With this, there is an increasing need for companies to look to more efficient and sustainable ways to treat their wastewater discharge to a level that is compliant to local regulations.

Our Solution

Automated electrocatalytic and membrane treatment process with live monitoring and reporting

Hydroleap's HL-ECM series is a high-performance system that is designed to deliver automated, reliable and cost-effective treatment of run-off water from construction operations.

It is responsive to changes in water quality, and provides superior and consistent water quality compared to other treatment methods.

Our systems produce between 120 to 1440 m3 treated effluent per day, with removal efficiency exceeding 99% (from feed quality TSS=2000mg/L to TSS=5mg/L, average) in full compliance to discharge limits domestically and globally.

Multinational civil engineering and construction companies have tested and deployed our systems since its commercialization in 2020.