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Food Industry Industry

The Industry

Many industrial processes produce oily water that must be treated prior to discharge. These wastewaters vary greatly in composition, and can be generated by various sources, such as petroleum refineries, discharge of bilge and ballast water, workshops, petrol stations, edible oil and soap factories as well as general industrial sources.

Oil-in-water can be found as free-floating oil, as unstable oil/water emulsions and also as highly stable oil/water emulsions, making them extremely challenging to treat. Globally, there are strict regulations on the safe-limits of discharge on oil.

Our Solution

A chemical-free, cost-effective, and automated solution to tackle difficult-to-treat oily wastewater.

Hydroleap has developed an innovative system using electrochemical and membrane technologies to tackle problems associated with the conventional treatment of oil wastewater, that being difficult-to-treat emulsified oil and grease in wastewater.

The technology was demonstrated to be able to reduce water with a high oil & grease concentration (220 ppm) down to safe discharge levels (1- 10ppm). Compared to conventional chemical treatment, Hydroleap’s technology has better tolerance to variation in water quality (pH, conductivity, contaminant concentration) without degradation of performance.

Hydroleap has commissioned systems for food/organic waste treatment facilities.