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Cooling Towers Industry

The Industry

Water-cooled chillers are one of the ways to keep indoor environments within the thermal comfort zone of its occupants. This is especially important for commercial and industrial properties, where thermal comfort is proven to have a direct impact on consumer behaviour and worker performance, respectively.

Issues with operating evaporative cooling towers are the large water consumption (estimated 11,000 m3 per day of water in Singapore), high hardness (minerals and compounds) of residual water, and biological contamination (e.g. Legionella). Consequently, water is required to be discharged and replenished several times a day – a substantial cost for properties. Current conventional treatment methods involving chemicals, filtration, ultraviolet, etc., are not viable and require considerable capital and/or complex operations.

Our Solution

A chemical-free, side-stream electrical treatment process that minimizes fresh water make-up by reducing and reusing blow-down water.

Compact, side-stream system allows for seamless integration into, and/or upgrading of, existing cooling tower systems. The network of sensors form a closed loop process i.e. pre-emptive treatment and real-time process and quality monitoring, and the system is interoperable with existing Building Management Systems (BMS).

Our innovative and cost-effective digital water solution for cooling towers is fast gaining traction with forward-looking property developers and facility management companies looking to save on operational costs while being environmentally friendly.