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Shanaya Environmental Services Awards Order to Hydroleap

Shanaya has selected Hydroleap to design and supply a process capable of treating up to 60 m3/day of oily wastewater

The continued growth in demand for Shanaya’s environmental services provided impetus for a plant expansion. Among the most forward-looking in her field, Shanaya was seeking a high performance and cost-effective solution to deploy at the plant. 

Hydroleap designed and delivered a treatment plant centred around our proprietary electrocoagulation process ideal for wastewater streams high in Oil Content, COD and TSS. The permeate will be passed through a ceramic membrane filtration system, which will produce 2 filtrate streams – a waste stream that will be channeled to a screw-press for dewatering and disposal, and, an effluent stream treated in full compliance to discharge standards and reuse. 

Advantages of the solution include:

-Chemical-free Treatment Process 

-Automated O&M

-Easy to operate