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Obayashi Corporation-Sato Kogyo (OSJV) Order

Part 2: Earth Control Measures and more

We last shared that we were awarded an order by Obayashi Corporation-Sato Kogyo (OSJV) for our silty water treatment system (HL-ECM). In this post, we provide some context and insight into the topic of erosion control in Singapore.


It is mandated by the authorities in Singapore that construction sites have to implement Earth Control Measures (ECM). In it are numerous components, yet the most prominent aspect of this programme are the construction of adequately sized sedimentation pond(s) and the implementation of water treatment system(s) – both of which are sized according to factors like historical rainfall data, terrain, topology, runoff coefficient, etc., and are designed and endorsed by a Qualified Erosion Control Professional (QECP) prior to commencement of any works.

Installation and Commissioning

Site preparation is fairly straightforward:

  • Grounding the containerized system
  • Provision of levelled and solid foundation to seat our system
  • Pipeworks for feed, permeate and concentrate streams
  • Hoisting of the submersible/feed pump into the sedimentation pond (preferably via a chain block structure)
  • Push “Start” on our HMI

Operation and Maintenance

We do not trivialize matters, but with our operating modes automated, and no need for chemical coagulants, our customers gain access to reliable water treatment at a fraction of the cost of operating a chemical-based system.