April 2024

How Hydroleap is Helping AWS with Water Sustainability

Hydroleap collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance water sustainability in Singapore. AWS’s data centers in Singapore are designed for industry-leading water efficiency, using less than one cup of water globally to cool one kilowatt-hour of IT load. To further improve water efficiency, AWS uses real-time water-use data, explores new treatment technologies, and leverages

Hydroleap & Biocare Revolutionze Wastewater Treatments In the Philippines

Manila, April 4, 2024 – Hydroleap, a next-generation water technology company from Singapore has announced its strategic partnership with Biocare Health Resources Inc., one of the leading IVD (in vitro diagnostics) distributors in the Philippines. Hydroleap will power CYCLEAN, a flagship product of Biocare’s new environmental division ENVISOL (Biocare Environmental Solutions), which is a revolutionary

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