April 2023

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Hydroleap Awarded Business as a Force for Good

About the Award Hydroleap was presented the BAFG 2023 (SME) award for its innovative water treatment technology. The selection committee was impressed with Hydroleap’s ability to solve an important problem with significant societal impact. Hydroleap’s technology is unique and difficult to replicate, giving it a strong advantage in the market. The company has also demonstrated

Water Wastewater Asia Backdrop

Water & Wastewater Asia First-Ever Feature

About Wastewater Asia About Water & Wastewater Asia Water & Wastewater Asia is a premier publication in Asia that covers the water and wastewater sector. It is a crucial resource for industry experts, providing trustworthy journalism and privileged insider knowledge. The magazine is published six times a year and is read by influential and powerful

Circular Valley Demo Day, March 2023

Ripples of Innovation: Circular Valley 2023 Convention

About Circular Valley Circular Valley is a global leader in the circular economy. It brings together startups, businesses, scientists, and decision-makers to collaborate on closing material cycles, creating policy recommendations, and educating the public. The Circular Valley Foundation is based in Wuppertal, Germany, which is a hub for future-focused companies and technologies. The region is

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